Data Methodology

The data within these reports are based on a sample of 70,000+ active brands and marketplace sellers who comprise hundreds of millions of SKUs across Amazon, eBay and Walmart. This is a statistically meaningful dataset representing a significant percentage of SKUs on these marketplaces.

For products not included in the dataset of these sellers; dollar sales, unit sales & sales ranking data has been compiled using heuristic methods that take into consideration the sales volume of similar items that are included in the database, as well as search volume, reviews, ratings, catalog rankings, and other inferential factors.

The accuracy of the product ranking data is considered greater than 95% as demonstrated by a comparison of product ranking from the dataset to Amazon’s own ranking of its top 100 selling products per category.

For a limited number of SKUs, the phrase “insufficient data” is displayed where actual data or data estimates are not possible.

Unless otherwise noted, all data covers a 30 day period.