eCommerce Data

If you need custom research that involves analysis of specific trends, SKUs, ASINs or something not included in one of our standard reports, please fill out the form below and tell us how we can help.

This includes:

  • Sales by UPS, SKU, MFN by day, week or month
  • Pricing data
  • Sales forecasting
  • Price elasticity

Real-time product data based upon:

  • UPC
  • ASIN
  • SKU
  • MFN
  • Plain language query
  • Marketplace category
  • Marketplace sub-category and / or leaf categor


Additional search queries according to:

  • Pricing segments: (Premium, moderate, discount)
  • Package types: (e.g. bottle, can,…)
  • Size (number of oz’s or washes or count, etc.)

Accuracy level is +-90% and constantly improving; data is being added every day from additional online retailers, brands and sellers

Country coverage: